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BECAUSE Baltimore City has a proliferation of alcohol outlets with 1 outlet for every 505 people (2016);

BECAUSE research indicates that alcohol outlet density is the single greatest predictor of violent crime in neighborhoods, greater than other social and economic factors; further, alcohol outlet density is also associated with increased alcohol consumption, underage drinking, binge drinking, motor vehicle crashes, and hospitalizations among other health problems;

BECAUSE, Each additional alcohol outlet in a census tract raises the homicide rate 1.6 percent, and according to the CDC, nearly half of all homicides (47%) are caused by excessive drinking;

BECAUSE, more alcohol outlets in a neighborhood is also associated with a greater likelihood of neighborhood problems, including nuisances such as property damage, public urination, and noise, all of which reduce the quality of life in the community and contribute to community-level trauma;

THEREFORE, I/WE support efforts to advocate for alcohol policies in Baltimore City and/or statewide policies with local implications that will protect the public’s health, safety and quality of life focused in the following areas:

  • Enacting legislation that encourages more accountability for liquor licensees for illegal sales and service practices of alcohol (e.g. dram shop liability, responsible beverage service practices)
  • Increasing alcohol taxes/price of alcohol
  • Regulating excessive price discounting practices on the retail sale of alcohol
  • Maintaining limits on hours and days of sales for alcohol outlets
  • Maintaining the minimum legal drinking age law
  • Supporting enhanced enforcement of laws prohibiting sales to minors and sales to intoxicated individuals
  • Regulating alcohol-related marketing (e.g. window signage, billboards)
  • Regulating alcohol outlet density through licensing and zoning processes
  • Assisting neighborhoods in the resolution of nuisances and code violations arising from the operation of alcohol outlets

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Membership Resolution of Support

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This brochure is a user-friendly educational document to help Baltimore citizens, policymakers and community organizations and neighborhood associations understand issues facing alcohol outlet regulation in Baltimore City.

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